Wide DHCP Port...

Wide DHCP Port...

Post by Reto Burkhalte » Tue, 27 Oct 1998 04:00:00


Someone seen these error messages after a kill -HUP ???
(wide-dhcp 1.4.0pl1)

Oct 10 16:17:03 dhcp dhcps[26577]: sscanf error in read_idtype()

Oct 10 19:22:24 dhcp dhcps[28130]: get_ip() error in read_subnet()



1. Checksum error on wide-dhcp port

When doing a make on the port called wide-dhcp, both 2.1.5 and current
versions, both from the FreeBSD ftp site and the author's in Japan, I get
the error: Checksum mismatch for tzfile.h

I did install the package version, but I'd still like to look at the
various files produced by doing the make install.  What to do (safely)?

Leo Wierzbowski
University of Florida

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