A couple of issues

A couple of issues

Post by Ed Rya » Sun, 17 Sep 2000 13:26:59

First and foremost is that I am unable to get my sound to work. I'm
using a TBS Montego card, and have included the appropriate lines in my
kernel (pcm and sbc), but it doesn't detect the device.
In addition, I would like to make full use of the TNT video card I have
by using NVIDIA's drivers. I'm running XF86 4.0.1 now and would like to
know if such a thing is possible.
Any help you can render would be greatly appreciated.

Ed Ryan


1. A couple of KDE UI issues (font/color)


I am installing a fresh copy of KDE 3.0.5, and I have come across some
annoying visual cues that I wanted to check and see if it was intended
this way, and if so, can I change it. :)

1) in Kmail, I have my message body (as well as most of my fonts) set to
Arial 7pt. Which works everywhere - except for the message body - where
Kmail decides to render it 1pt smaller (Arial 6pt) I can up it to Arial
8pt, and it looks like 8pt (plain ugly to me)  If it can render the rest
of KDE with 7pt Arial, why can't it handle Kmail's message body?

2) How do I turn off the contrasting colors in the message index in both
Kmail and Knode? The dark color in the scheme I use is too dark for the
text which is in black (I can live with light grey if I have to have a
"contrasting color")

Thanks in advance for any info you can pass along.

Best Wishes - Peter

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