Networked printing in FreeBSD

Networked printing in FreeBSD

Post by Ken Bigelo » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00

I have set up a printer on my primary FreeBSD host, inserted the
appropriate entries in my /etc/printcap file, created the spooling
directory, and all that. It works fine as a local printer. The relevant
entry in printcap is:

sj48|SJ48|lp|Starjet SJ-48 Inkjet printer:\

The last line appears superfluous, but I tried it in my effort to
activate remote printing to this printer.

The main computer is named odin, and is internally accessible by that
name. Now, in a second computer, heimdall, I have the /etc/printcap

sj48|SJ48|lp|Starjet SJ-48 Inkjet printer:\

I have three files sitting in heimdall's spool directory, and a status
file that says:

waiting for queue to be enabled on odin.

the lpq command lists three jobs, and then gives the message:

lpd: your host does not have line printer access.

Obviously I have missed something in this installation, but what? I've
been avidly scanning the handbook with lynx, so I can do it locally, but
I can't seem to find the missing link.

Ideas, anyone?  Pleeease?

Thanks much,



Networked printing in FreeBSD

Post by Jamie Bowde » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00

> lpd: your host does not have line printer access.

You need to add your remote machines with printing privs. to /etc/hosts.lpd


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