netcard problems

netcard problems

Post by Eric Thornto » Sun, 04 Jun 2000 04:00:00

im very new to freebsd and cannot get an SMC EZ card to work. i have
specified the device in rc.conf, but it does not appear in ifconfig.

when i boot i get the following line "unknown0: <SMC EtherEZ (8416) at
port 0x240-0x25f    irq5 on isa0"

my kernel conf has

"device    ed0    at isa? port 0x240  irq 5  iomem 0xc8000

anyone have any ideas. it's probably very simple, but im stumped


1. netcard problems with redhat 6.2

I have had red hat 5.1 on two machines and had no problem with various
network adaptors.
I have installed 6.2 several times on two similar machines and the network
cards, dfe 220 (d-link) and enet combos (a bit older but jumpered to NE2000
which usually works) could not be detected and various attempts to force
recognition failed. (append to lilo.conf etc). These cards are not all
faulty but are all ISA.      ifconfig shows no eth0

Switching to PCI  with a 3com card had a new hardware detection immediately
and I was back on line.
I am not ready to dump all my older ISA cards.
Has 6.2 moved on and dumped support for ISA?
Why is there no opportunity to install the card on setup?/or is
I've checked /proc/interrupts , /ioports etc there doesn't appear to  be
any clash on the set adaptor values.

Any help would be appreciated


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