Wanted: Beta-testers: Fortify: 128-bit crypto on BSD

Wanted: Beta-testers: Fortify: 128-bit crypto on BSD

Post by Farrell McK » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Fortify for Netscape is now available on the BSD platforms in
beta-test form.  Fortify is a program that provides world-wide,
full strength 128-bit encryption to users of Netscape Navigator (v3)
and Communicator (v4).  If you haven't heard of Fortify for Netscape
before, take a look at http://www.fortify.net/.

If you are interested in beta-testing this software, please

BSD you use.  Ideally it should be tested on FreeBSD, NetBSD,
OpenBSD, and BSDI (did I miss any?).

Here is what you should be prepared to do:

  - NOT redistribute Fortify v1.1.4b1.
  - actively install and test the software.
  - send me a short message, say, 48 hours after download
    indicating whether
      1. the pre-compiled binaries work on your system.
      2. whether or not you found any problems during use.
    (positive reports are just as important as negative ones).

Farrell McKay.

Wayfarer Systems Pty Ltd     http://www.fortify.net/


1. ANNOUNCE: Fortify now on Solaris x86: 128-bit Netscape crypto

Sydney, Australia. (17 June, 1998).  Fortify for Netscape now supports
the Solaris on Intel (Solaris x86) editions of the Netscape web browsers.
This support is available for both the version 3.x and 4.x browsers.

This functionality is available immediately, as part of the
Fortify-1.2.4-unix distribution.  You can download this from the
Fortify web site, at http://www.fortify.net/

Farrell McKay
About Fortify for Netscape:

Fortify for Netscape is a system that provides world-wide, unconditional,
full strength, 128-bit encryption to users of Netscape's Web browsers.
If you routinely use Netscape's export grade Web browsers (i.e. the ones
that are available on the net), then you need Fortify.

Fortify costs nothing to download and use. Nil. Zippo. Zilch.  It currently
supports most, if not all, of the non-beta versions of Netscape Navigator
(3.0x) and Communicator (4.0x), that have been released on the following

        DEC-OSF + Dec UNIX (Alpha systems)
        SGI Irix 5.x and 6.x (Mips systems)
        Sun Solaris 2.4 and 2.5.1 (Sparc systems)
        Sun Solaris 2.4 (Intel x86 systems)
        Sun SunOS 4.1.3_U1 (Sparc systems)
        BSD, FreeBSD, BSDI (Intel x86 systems)
        Linux-Elf and Linux-glibc2 (Intel x86 systems)
        Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT (Intel x86 systems)
        IBM OS/2 (Intel x86 systems)

Full details about availability, copyright, download sites, latest news,
and an FAQ guide can all be found at the Fortify web site:-

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