Random lockup during installation

Random lockup during installation

Post by n.. » Mon, 26 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Thanks for reading this.

I'm having problems installing FreeBSD 3.1 from the Walnut Creek
CDROM set.  The system seems to randomly hang, e.g. at the initial menu
about kernel configuration, in the partition table editor and even whilst
installing packages from the CD-ROM.  No messages appear on the screen but
the system stops responding to input, e.g. I can't change virtual console.
I have to do a hardware reset on the machine to reboot.

My hardware setup is as follows:

350 MHz Pentium II
Asus P2B-F BX chip set motherboard
128M PC100 SDRAM
8G Fujitsu EIDE hard disk (master on the first built in IDE controller)
Panasonic LS-120 drive (slave on the first built in IDE controller)
ATI Rage Fury 32M AGP video card
Creative ATAPI CD-ROM (on the second built in IDE controller)
SB PCI 128 sound card

I don't think it's a memory problem as I've no problems in installing
and/or running Windows 98 and Linux.

I've had a lock up occur at the initial kernel configuration menu
(where it asks you whether you want to use the CLI, the menu system
or skip the kernel config) and disabling all the unnecessary devices
in the kernel menu config still results in the problem.

I don't think it's a DPMS/APM problem as those are disabled in the
BIOS.  Moreover, I've had a lockup sometimes within a few second of
the system responding to a previous keystroke.

Any ideas on how I can fix this problem would be much appreciated.
If replying by e-mail, I should be grateful if you would direct replies
to jman at home dot org.

John Man


Random lockup during installation

Post by n.. » Tue, 27 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Problem solved.  My Asus P2B-F BIOS has the following setting:

Quote:> Video Memory Cache Mode (UC)

> USC (uncacheable, speculative write combining) is a new cache technology
> for the video memory of the processor.  It can greatly improve the display
> speed by caching the display data.  You must leave this on the default
> setting of UC (uncacheable) if your display card cannot support this
> feature or else your system may not boot.

I had changed it to USWC from the default of UC.  Changing it back
has appeared to result in my problem disappearing, i.e. FreeBSD doesn't
mysteriously crash randomly during the installatation.


1. RH 8.0 hangs during installation of packages and during installation.


I downloaded CD 1,2,3 from RH ftp site.
Burned the CD's ok.
Next, I rebooted the PC and put CD 1 in.
Next, I did the media check on all the three CD's and everything passed.
Next I went through the installation. Asked to install everything.
Next, it finished CD1 and asked me to enter CD2. I did. Then it started
installing packages from CD2 ok. after few minutes and number of packages
installed, the whole thing hanged. I waited and waited and nothing is
changing and no more packages are being installed. the system is froze.

I rebooted and tried again. The same thing happened.

Next, I rebooted and did not select everything, but selected small number
of pckages. Again CD2 was read, but this time it did not hang, since now
very small number of package was being read.

So, the installation now completed OK.

I boot into the system, go to root and select 'packages' under 'system tools'
from the main menu. I now select all the packages that I did not select
during installation.

It asks me to insert CD1, it starts reading the packages, and now the
whole system hangs again (it happened to be reading the gcc package, but
that is just by chance). The system freezes. the mouse does not move.

my PC is a new PC. 2 CPU (I select smp when booting). It is ZEON, 2.4 GHZ,
mother board is supermicro MBD-P4DME. This PC have no HW problem, I run windoz
OK on it for 4 months now.

kernel is 'Linux 2.4.18-14smp' (the one that comes with RH 8, I did not
recompile or build anything new).


has anyone else has similar problems?
What do you think can be wrong?
where else to look for possible problem?

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