Dual-Boot Problem - FreeBSD and FreeDOS

Dual-Boot Problem - FreeBSD and FreeDOS

Post by Cameron Haegl » Mon, 28 Apr 2003 13:51:41

Earlier this evening I installed FreeDOS Beta 8 and proceeded to install
FreeBSD 5.0. Everything appeared to have been installed without a single
hitch, until I rebooted the system.

Once my systems rebooted I get my two boot options:

F2 FreeBSD

Only selecting either one results in nothing more that a lot of beeps
emitting from my speaker.

Has anyone seen this before? Did I do something wrong during the
installation process?

Thanks in advance.



1. Dual-boot FreeBSD and Solaris FROM FreeBSD


FreeBSD has a program called BootEasy which allows
you to boot other OS. The above page is pretty useful
although it doesn't talk about Solaris. Solaris 7 doesn't
mess around MBR too much but you have to set its
partition active to boot it up. Man page would also be
a good source of info. Good luck.



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