nis problems

nis problems

Post by Michael Maxwel » Fri, 17 Dec 1999 04:00:00

> But then when I log in it still uses the local passwd database.  I've
> copied the master.passwd file, run the makefile, set all the right flags
> (ypserv & other nis services are running as processes), I just can't
> seem to tie the NIS logon to the logon of the machine.  Am I forgetting
> to do something?

Your /etc/passwd *and* /etc/master.passwd or /etc/shadow or whatever
your client system is using should contain a "blank" entry... For
example, from /etc/passwd on my Solaris box (which is an NIS client on
my net):


And from what you're saying above, it sounds like you may have a user
account of the same name on both your client AND your server machine,
which won't work.  When you login to an NIS-enabled system, it checks
the LOCAL passwd file FIRST, then checks NIS if it doesn't find
anything on the local machine.  Everything that comes before the
+:::::: entry is considered local-only.

TIP: Also, make sure your NIS server does NOT have any important
passwords/accounts in it.  "root" should NEVER be in your NIS-exported
passwd file.  Only put in those accounts that need it.

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The subject says it all. I have enough of this buggy NIS+
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even if it worked yesterday.

I'm sure even the developpers are affraid to look into their
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Now did you get better experience with the NIS transition kit
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