What size monitor at what resolution and refresh rate do you find optimal for Unix?

What size monitor at what resolution and refresh rate do you find optimal for Unix?

Post by Loui » Sat, 26 Oct 2002 04:07:02


From what I've read, it seems many experienced Unix folks find working
with a large monitor at high resolution very productive because it
allows them to have many windows open at once.  Especially when they
are remotely logged onto remote machines at the same time they are
working on their local machine.

Was wondering what folks here think about this and find suits them
best monitor size wise, resolution wise and refresh rate wise.  What
do you prefer and why?

By large monitor I mean at least a 19 and preferably 21 inch or larger
CRT.  By high res I mean at least 1280x1024, and preferably 1600x1200
or more at high enough refresh rate not to get eye strain.

What specific monitors and video cards do you prefer to use?  Also,
anyone run two or more monitors?  If so what are the specific monitors
and video card you are using at what refresh rates and how much more
beneficial is the multi monitor setup over a single large monitor for
you?  What do you use the multi monitor setup for mostly?  Any words
of wisdom on setting up multi monitors (with one or two video card(s))
with XFree86 on FreeBSD appreciated, too!

Thank you very much.  I'm very much a newbie when it comes to large
monitors and high refresh rates.  Would like the opinions and input of
the good folks here before I spend my hard earned money on a new
monitor and video card as I learn to use Unix as effectively as I can
via FreeBSD.

I currently have a 19 inch shadow mask CRT monitor and a G450 dual
head card.  Thinking of getting another, possibly 21 inch monitor and
possibly another video card.  I spend most of my time -- many hours on
end -- doing 2D text work, so I like sharp text resolution.  Mostly
learning and programming with some graphics and web development too.
I don't play games on my computer at all, so 3D isn't important to me.

I really appreciate your taking the time to share on this, as I really
want to both spend my money wisely and learn to use Unix effectively.

Thanks again,



What size monitor at what resolution and refresh rate do you find optimal for Unix?

Post by norber » Sat, 26 Oct 2002 22:19:41


wow, what a lot of questions. personally i only use at least 19" lcd
flattscreens. the health of your eyes are the price worth. try to get one
with at least 3 years on site guarante. the res. doesn't matter so much.
hack some modelines in your XF86Config and scroll arround with ctrl - alt
- +/- and decide yourself what you like the most.

if you like smooth fonts you might be interrested in the webfonts port.



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