Booting Multiple OS from boot0

Booting Multiple OS from boot0

Post by jason dento » Thu, 05 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I have FreeBSD installed on my primary hard disk (ATA controller 0). I recently
aquired a second disk and installed windows on that hard disk. This disk is
installed on the second controler and will happliy boot winddows if I tell the
BIOS to boot from IDE-1 instead of IDE-0. What I really want is to have the
FreeBSD boot0 program on first disk give me an F2 option to boot windows, or
something like that. Where can I find information on configuring boot0?

Jason Denton


1. boot manager for multiple OS (XP and FreeBSD) on multiple drives

Hi all,

after looking everywhere for hours, I can't find a solution to this:

Hard drive 0: Windows XP
Hard drive 1: FreeBSD 4.7

Is there a way to use XP boot manager (boot.ini) to let me boot FreeBSD
on the second hard drive?

I found solutions about copying /boot/boot1 on Windows disk and refer to
it in boot.ini, but it doesn't work if the two OS are not on the same disk.

My BIOS gives me the opportunity to boot from the second hard drive, so
could I use a boot manager in FreeBSD from the second hard drive to boot
Windows XP on the first hard drive?

If so, could you point me to some documentation (I read a bit about
FreeBSD's boot manager, but it's kind of Chinese to me...)

PS: Please, I don't need replies like: "post on Microsoft newsgroup" or
"install FreeBSD on first hard drive"... I'm quite sure someone else ran
into a similar situation in the past...


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