SCSI Problems with FBSD3.2/Adaptec

SCSI Problems with FBSD3.2/Adaptec

Post by O. Hartman » Sun, 23 May 1999 04:00:00

We use two adaptec aha2940UW controler in our server, one is only
attached to a cdrom and a tape. sometimes i get the message
(sa0:ahc1:0:6:0): WRITE(06). CDB: a 0 0 28 0 0
(sa0:ahc1:0:6:0): ABORTED COMMAND asc:4a,0
(sa0:ahc1:0:6:0): Command phase error
 what do that mean? is there probably a problem with the bios of the adaptec?
it has version 1.32 while the other has 1.34.3?

Please email me ...

thanks in advance,


Gruss O. Hartmann

Klimadatenserver des IPA, Universitaet Mainz


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I am trying to change my kernel so that I don't have to manually insmo
aha152x to get my Iomega Zip drive to work.

I noticed some confusion in dmesg.  Somehow there are 7 SCSI disks
detected when I only have one.  The following text is repeated 7 times
with the only variation being in the id number and the sd letter

Detected scsi removable disk sda at scsi0, channel  0,  id 1, lun 0
   Vendor: Iomega     Model:  ZIP 100                    Rev: E.08
    Type:   Direct-Access                                        ANSI
SCSI revision: 02

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