PPP dial-on-demand woes and other q's

PPP dial-on-demand woes and other q's

Post by Craig A. Johnst » Fri, 30 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I've configured PPP just as the FreeBSD handbook describes, and am
having a problem.  I'm wanting to have ppp dial on demand, and
everything seems pretty peachy except for the fact that every 30 secs,
my routed wants to send out a UDP packet to my provider.  (I start
routed with the -s flag as the handbook says to.)  This obviously
makes ppp dial up my provider every 30 seconds if I am not already

I want to know how to prevent this.  I'm doing exactly as the handbook says,
but I'm not sure this is the right thing.  I have no "real" IP address,
so I am pretending to be (handbook seemed to suggest this.)
my ifconfig_tun0 line is: inet emanon.comm.net <provider gatway ip address>
netmask 0xffffff00

...where I am emanon.comm.net.  I am dynamically allocated an IP address
by my provider.  It's a randomly picked hostname in my provider's domain,

Now, my questions: am I doing the Right Thing in choosing a random
hostname and as my IP address?  

Also, I retrieve my mail from a POP3 server -- what is the right thing
to do about who sendmail says my machine is, and getting the right
reply-to address on news posts?  I'm sure there are tons of people out
there who have handled this exact problem.  I've only administered
machine with "real" network connections previously and really have no
idea what to do with all this.  I need to be telling the world I'm

sendmail masquerade as comm.net?  What about the newsreader? (trn)

Could I pretend to be comm.net, solving both these probs, without
screwing something up?

Thanks in advance,


PPP dial-on-demand woes and other q's

Post by Jordan K. Hubbar » Sat, 31 Aug 1996 04:00:00

> my routed wants to send out a UDP packet to my provider.  (I start
> routed with the -s flag as the handbook says to.)  This obviously

Whoa, really?  Where?  If this machine is just an end-node, then you
shouldn't run routed *at all* - ppp will add your default route and
that's all you need.
- Jordan Hubbard
  President, FreeBSD Project


1. linux 2.018/kerneld/PPP dial on demand: 'network unreachable' then starts dialling

I recently upgradet to the 2.0.18 kernel from 1.2.13, and decided to
switch from using diald to the kerneld-based dial-on-demand solution
documented in the kerneld READMEs.

Most of the time, my connections come up OK (except for some
irrelevant rumbles that I suspect are due to a misconfiguration
on my ISP's side), but when I try starting ncftp from the command
line, I get this:


NcFTP: nic.funet.fi (101): Network is unreachable

NcFTP 1.9.4 (April 15, 1995) by Mike Gleason, NCEMRSoft.

Tip: If you don't want a .ncrecent file in your home directory, put
     command '#unset recent-list' in your .ncftprc file.


then, after some seconds, my modem starts dialling and a PPP
connection gets established. To me, it looks like ncftp times
out immediately, but kerneld processes the package anyway.

Is it possible to devise a workaround for this?

- Peter

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