Need Commercially Supported Embedded Real-Time BSD Services

Need Commercially Supported Embedded Real-Time BSD Services

Post by Cal Pag » Sun, 04 Nov 2001 02:43:53

If you support/sell BSD in an embedded environment real time
environment, please contact me.

I am looking for a company with appropriate expertise to assist us in a
future product.

Cal Page

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1. Needed - experienced brain in - MPEG, Windows Media 9, codec in real-time embedded system environment

We have a client - N.Calif. whom desperately needs help.

Name your salary deal. (within reason)

might benefit a member of the group.

a.. We seek your experience in the following areas:

a.. MPEG-2 transport stream
a.. MPEG2/4, H.264, and Windows Media 9 Series Code
a.. Real-time embedded systems (VxWorks, or real time Linux), and network
a.. C/C++
a.. Video streaming using RTP/RTSP
a.. Built set top box player or AV box dealing with video and audio codec

The following skills are desired:

a.. Hands on networking, system integration, script programming
a.. Has network installation experience
a.. Able to debug network, and can use network debugging tool e.g. sniffer
a.. Has system testing experience
a.. Experience of product development cycles including product release, and
field support, etc.


Ref UT002

John D Allen. CEO & President.
Leveridge Systems INC.
v1 (909) 699 3751
f1 (800) 783 4350

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