Zenith laptop sound problem fixed

Zenith laptop sound problem fixed

Post by Nick Say » Fri, 14 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Well, I don't know if 'fixed' is a better term to use than 'worked
around', but here it is. :-)

The Zenith laptop I've got has a MS Sound System compatable audio
device in it. In order to get it to work under FreeBSD (every
RELEASE and SNAP I've tried - 2.0.5-RELEASE through 960501)
I've had the same problems.

The only way to get it to work at all is put an '#if 0 / #endif'
pair around ALL of probe_ms_sound() except for the last line,
which is a call to ad1848_detect(). I tried to isolate it
better than that, but it seems that this particular unit
fails all of the tests other than the one for the actual chip

That was half the battle. The other half was that once you got it to
probe it would always squeal whenever it was used. It turns out
that this is because the line

MIX_ENT(SOUND_MIXER_IMIX,       13, 1, 2, 6,     0, 0, 0, 0),

in ad1848_mixer.h caused the mixer value to be inverted for the
record monitor (the '1' is the flag for this). For this particular
unit, that 1 needs to be turned into a 0.

Having done all of this, there are no problems that I can detect.
recording and playing back all work, xmix works... touchdown.


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Zenith's P90 systems, and I would be very happy to hear anything you
might know about reasons to go with one over the other.  The specs are
as follows:

Both Systems:

        Micron:                         Zenith:

 512K Cache 15ns write-back SRAM     256K L2 write-back
 Diamond Stealth 64 2MB DRAM PCI     ATI Mach 64 2MB VRAM
 Mini-Tower Case 4ISA,2PCI,1comb     Desktop 2ISA,1PCI,1comb
 Intel Neptune PCI                   ???
 ???                                 Upgradeable to Overdrive
 GE on-site 4year warrantee          UM Campus service deal
 (college-supplied ethernet board)   "Built-in" AUI,10bT,10b2

Many thanks for any advice.


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