Socket Library problem

Socket Library problem

Post by Oliver Schape » Mon, 22 Mar 1999 04:00:00


Ive got a slight problem with the socket library v2.0 by Shishir
Gundavaram. As the system was running under FreeBSD V2.4.2, everything
was working fine. But now, after changing to FreeBSD V3.1 there a some
errors I cant explain. i.e. the library function "&listen_to_port"
always returns NULL instead of the requested port number. Under V2.4.2
the function returned the port number correctly.

Any clues? Maybe there is a new version of the socket library available

Thanks for help... Olly.
Oliver Schaper


1. g++ socket library problem

I have to compile a prog with the socket library.
I use the option
SC++_LIBS = -lGUI   -lsc  -lSocket
but the compiler does never find the socket file or directory.  I did
tried many different include path
(/include/sys /include ..) . I installed Socket++, libg++ is ok but
nothing work.  I become creazy, I'm not evn able to test one of my code
code line, because of this.
And when I include the path that contains socket.h(/include/sys) I have
an error with an other heather :
In file included from /usr/include/sys/types.h:67,
                 from cor1.scxx:3:
/include/sys/time.h:53: type specifier omitted for parameter
/include/sys/time.h:53: parse error before `*'
/include/sys/time.h:56: type specifier omitted for parameter
/include/sys/time.h:56: parse error before `*'

Please help, it's so fucking boring to always have the same problem !!


                                                        Marc Kalberer

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