Trying to get a maxusers of 1000.

Trying to get a maxusers of 1000.

Post by Terje Oseber » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I've attempted to double my kernel memory by
increasing VM_KMEM_SIZE from (32*1024*1024) to
(64*1024*1024), but now I get a "panic: kmem_suballoc"
unless I reduce my maxusers in my config file from
500 to 100. I absolutely need the mbufs created
by the maxusers of 500, and was trying to increase
it to 1000.

Since my kernel dies when I get to maxusers of 700,
I thought that if I doubled the kernel memory, I'd
be able to increase maxusers further.

I'm obviously missing something.



1. pixel flickering (Sony 15sf + ELSA Winner 1000) 2nd try

Hello XF86-experts,

can somebody tell me modelines for a Sony Multiscan 15sf (bandwidth
110 MHz, Vert. refresh <= 120Hz, Hori. Sync <= 64KHz) for the
resolution 1152x864 and pixel rate up to 110 MHz? Only those for <=
1024x768 are given in the docs. I have a ELSA winner 1000pro S3 card
and tried many combinations but the problem remains: While in normal
work all looks fine when using for instance

# Refresh Rate: 65.08 Hz, Horizontal Sync Frequency: 58.51 kHz
Modeline "1152x864"     88.00   1152 1200 1312 1504   864 864 866 899 ,

(generated with xconfig.awk)

in many-coloured pictures quite a lot pixels are flickering.



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