SCSI Error upon booting

SCSI Error upon booting

Post by Norm » Tue, 20 Feb 2001 05:07:11

Anyone that can provide a solution to this would be appreciatted.

Recently when the system self reboot it self (every few days or so) the
system hangs up upon reboot with the following message on the console:

SCSI disk error: host 0 channel 0 id 5 lun 0 return code =  26030000
scsidisk I/O error: dev 08:06, sector 4980856 EXT2-fs error (device
sd(8,6)): ext2_write_inode: unable to read inode block - inode=621739,
block=622607 scsi 0 channel 0 : resetting for second half of retries SCSI
bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0

Does this means that I have a bad sector on the SCSI (they are new drives)
or can it be fix with a hard dirve utility or command line?

Is there some form of Scandisk or defrag utility that can be ran on Linux
system from the command line and would this possibly cure he problem?

Normand Charette


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I am running Linux kernel 1.2.0 using a WD 1GB IDE disk
on a DX4 with 16M.  I left my machine on last Friday and
when I went to use it today (Tuesday) there were write
errors to /dev/hda1.  DOS is on hda2, my swap partition is
hda3 and Linux is installed on hda4.  I'm not sure what hda1

I tried using a different VC to shutdown gracefully but was
not able to do so.  Failing all else I shut the power off.
Now when I try to boot Linux using LILO I get
        Loading kernel.....
        Uncompressing kernel....

                crc error

                System Halted

This happens when I try to boot my emergency floppy as well.
Any ideas, suggestions or solutions would be GREATLY appreciated.
I am hurting in a big way.

                                        Thanks in advance,

                                        J. Basso

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