portupgrade and mod_php4

portupgrade and mod_php4

Post by cyber_cyni » Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:04:50

Freebsd 4.5 stable.

I had Apache 1.3.23 and mod_php4 with mysql support installed on my server.
I installed portupgrade and have upgraded all my ports. Everything seems ok
except when mod_php4 was upgraded it was done without mysql support,
although I selected it from the menu.

I theb did another forced portupgrade and again selected with mysql support
from the menu, but still no mysql support.

I then deinstalled mod_php4, cleaned and tried a fresh install (a few
times). Each time it is built without mysql support. The other funny thing
is although Apache is now 1.3.27, phpinfo.php still shows it as 1.3.23.

It seems to be built in accordance with the configure file in the port which
has mysql disabled, although I would have tought the menu settings that I
select should override the config file - is it brokem or just me?

Also is there some other file where it's getting the old Apache version

I guess I could change the settings directly in the configure file, or is
there another way to do this?

TIA for any pointers.