Parallel Port CD-ROM ?

Parallel Port CD-ROM ?

Post by Jim C » Sat, 03 May 1997 04:00:00

Does any one know if there is a driver available for any parallel port
CD-ROM drives?
I have seen a few of these drives available for laptop systems.  It would
be useful for
troubleshooting machines (that don't have cd-rom drives already), to be
to hookup an external drive, and throw in the FreeBSD CD.



1. Parallel Port CD-ROM?

I have a laptop and a desktop and I would like to buy a single CD-ROM for both
of them.  A parallel port CDROM seems to be the only option.  In the CDROM
HOW-TO that I looked at, the author was unaware of any Linux support for
a parallel CDROM.  Is one currently being developed or does the latest
kernel support it now?

Please respond to me directly as my news service is sometimes flakey.

Thanks for any info,

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