Trouble Installing

Trouble Installing

Post by Kris » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 14:39:03

You raised a point that I had been debating with myself before I even tried
to install; which version is best for my needs?  I only need a very limited
system, just something with a compiler, the common header files and
libraries, ftp (client or host) and a web server program that supports cgi
and the other fun web stuff I'm hoping to fiddle with (I have GOT to figure
out how to control that little icon next to the URL).

In the end I decided to use 5.1 just because I figured the latest release
would be the safest in terms of security patches.  I guess there could have
been recently introduced bugs in it though, and considering my system is so
old, I should have planned to use an older release.  What version would you
recommend I use to get the most secure, stable system possible that will
still meet my limited needs?

Hopefully starting over with an older version of the OS will solve these HD
full issues as well.  As for the ethernet card, I have two different NE2000
compatible cards and 5.1 didn't seem to recognize either of them (though
that may have been because the os wasn't fully installed).  More than likely
I just don't know what I'm doing, so I'll deal with that issue if/when it
arises again.

Thanks for your assistance.

> comp.unix.bsd.freebsd is not widely propagated, so you won't
> necessarily get much help here (in comp.unix.bsd.freebsd).
> See for better ideas...
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>> Help...  I have tried to install FreeBSD three times and keep running into
>> problems.  There are several things that seem to be wrong, most importantly
>> that I get a message during the install saying I don't have enough hard
>> drive space.  The drive is 500MB, and is working correctly, as the installer
>> sees it as a 500MB drive and lets me create 500MB worth of partitions (it
>> also had win98 running just fine on it before I started trying to install
>> FreeBSD).  The install guide says that if I have more than 200MB of hard
>> drive space then the standard install should work fine.  I'm using FreeBSD
>> 5.1.  Was that 200MB figure perhaps for an older version?  I've tried
>> various partition arrangements including the default, but I always get "out
>> of hd space" errors.  These errors don't usually come up until late in the
>> install, and it aborts some packages, but then after I quit the installer I
>> can boot up and there is some free space on the drive.  Not a ton of space,
>> but at least 30-50MB in /usr and /var.

> Where do those errors come up, exactly?  They might be either in the
> real disk, as you're trying to analyze, or they might be in the memory
> disks during the install.

> Also, please remember that 5.x is not yet considered "production use
> quality" by the release team.  You really should be reading the
> -CURRENT mailing list if you're running 5.x.  If that's too much
> effort, you're better off sticking with 4.x until the release team
> says otherwise.

>> Also, I would like the computer to connect to the network through a DHCP
>> server, but I can't figure out how to set it to do that.  I'm not sure the
>> NIC is installed, because I don't see anything about it in the boot
>> sequence, and ifconfig doesn't list anything but the two loopback entries.
>> My NIC is NE2000 compatible.  I don't know the manufacturer, but the model
>> is WS-E200.  I was hoping to try installing the ed(4) driver for it, but the
>> directory where the install guide says that should be is empty (perhaps due
>> to the install errors).

> The ed(4) driver is built into the GENERIC kernel, so you should be
> fine there.  If it's not being detected by the kernel at boot time,
> maybe it's not so NE2000-compatible after all.  I haven't seen the
> dmesg, though, so I'm just guessing.


Trouble Installing

Post by Steve O'Hara-Smit » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 20:45:00

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 22:39:03 -0700

K> What version would you
K> recommend I use to get the most secure, stable system possible that
K> will still meet my limited needs?

        For production purposes 4.8, or (perhaps better) RELENG_4_8.

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1. Red Hat RPM troubles: installed and not installed at the same time

(sorry for using such a mysterious e mail address, I get so much
advertising junk from each posting at newsgroup)

I try to install msql.  It fails because of missing .h files that are
in the kernel-header rpm package.

if I install kernel-header it says it is installed, cannot be

If I try rpm -V it says kernel-header is NOT installed.  I tried
uninstall (does not work), --force (still the same contradictory
messages, does not fix the situation)

What is wrong?? Any rpm option that gives more sensible info?  How can
something be installed and not be installed at the same time?  I tried
uninstall, does not work either, says it is not installed.

Next try: I get the more recent version of kernel-headers from the 4.2
distribution.  Is this a problem???  Can I install certain modules
from 4.2 into my 4.1 distribution??  Should I download the entire 4.2
distribution (I would rather not)


Also, advice for installation of perl moduless, especially for
database/mSQL, installation of mSQL and PHP is more than welcome.  I
guess there is no rpm for this, it needs to be instaled the standard

I believe when I installed RedHat 4.1, I did not install the
development C files.  Now all installations fail, I slowly install
missing kernel-headers, c development libraries.  Any standard install
that gets all these things at once??

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