Solution to serial ports no found on Iwill motherboard

Solution to serial ports no found on Iwill motherboard

Post by Steve Davidso » Tue, 16 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have a solution to the problem reported on the serial I/O ports
for my Iwill P55XB2 motherboard under freeBSD 2.2.2.

This was filed as problem report internal identification `i386/4315'.

I purchased an SIIG multi I/O Dual IDE/2-serial/1-parallel/1-game port card
for about $70.

I disabled the serial ports on the Iwill motherboard and enabled them
on the I/O card and voila the 16550A UART function came right up.
The SIIG is rated at 115.2Kbps so it should be fast enough.

I purchased the Iwill P55XB2 motherboard primarily because it has
five (5) PCI slots and three (3) ISA slots, non shared.

Another piece of email came in that may be of interest:

Organization: Xinetron, Inc.
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.01 [en] (Win95; I)
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Subject: RE: FreeBSD 2.2.2 fails to probe the 'sio' ports?
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There is a BIOS update (dated 08/26/97) at . However, I don't know if it can
solve the problem.


} =====================================================
} Subject:      Has anyone had a problem probing serial ports?

} Date:         1997/08/12

} Newsgroups:   comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc
} [More Headers]
} With FreeBSD 2.2.2...
} During the bootup probe (and from 'dmesg'), I get:
} sio0 not found at 0x3f8
} sio1 not found at 0x2f8
} and no serial port activity works, e.g. tip hw (with /dev/cuaa0).
} The BIOS shows this hardware to be present at the appropriate
} addresses and IRQs (both at BIOS config and during startup).
} But Freebsd 2.2.2 cannot successfully probe it.
} I have a recently-purchased Iwill P55XB2 motherboard
} with Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG.
} Anyone have any ideas?
} Steve
}-- End of excerpt from `


1. FreeBSD 2.2.2 ported to Iwill P55XUB motherboard?

I have installed FreeBSD2.2.2 onto the second hard drive on my PC.  My
motherboard is an Iwill Ultra SCSI Motherboard, model P55XUB.  When
FreeBSD boots, it is unable to locate either of the motherboard's
onboard serial ports.  I have enabled verbose error reporting for the
first serial port, and get the following messages from 'demesg | grep
"sio0: probe"':

sio0: probe test 5 failed
sio0: probe test 8 failed

Both of these probe tests are testing to see if a pending ISA interrupt
has been cleared after the probe code clears the source of the
interrupt at the 16550.

Since the other sio probe tests succeed, I am confident that FreeBSD is
looking at the correct I/O ports and IRQs.  I have installed Windows 95
on this PC as well, and I have been able to use the first serial port
successfully to communicate with a Logitech mouse.  

I have also tried disabling the second serial port at the CMOS setup,
and installing an internal modem as the second serial port.  FreeBSD
successfully probes for the the 16550 on the modem in this case.

So, has anyone managed to get FreeBSD to recognize the onboard serial
ports in a P55XUB motherboard?  If so, did you have to make and mods
to the kernel, or special changes to the CMOS to accomplish this?

I'm open to suggestions.

Steve Ulrich

Dragonfly Software Consulting Company  (503) 641-3440

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