ping don't fragment flag

ping don't fragment flag

Post by Jan » Fri, 22 Nov 2002 19:29:24

Howto ping on FreeBSD with don't fragment flag set?

I've installed hping port but the -y (don't fragment) flag seems
to be ignored since i can send 2500 bytes ping with it.

hping hostname -d 2500 -y


1. Tricky IP problem (Don't Fragment flag)

: The command you are looking for is "ndd".  If you do an "ndd /dev/ip \?",
: you'll see a whole bunch of parameters you can set.  I think the one that
: you want is ip_path_mtu_discovery.  Use ndd to set this parameter to
: 0, and I believe the DF will be set to "don't fragment".

Wouldn't that be "don't don't fragment?" implying that the system will
not try to use Path MTU Discovery (by not setting the DF bit in
outgoing IP datagrams).

rick jones

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