NEC CD-ROMs and the latest Adaptec driver

NEC CD-ROMs and the latest Adaptec driver

Post by Allyn Hardy » Wed, 14 May 1997 04:00:00

200 MHz Pentium Pro; Adaptec 2940UW controller; NEC CDR-1610 CD-ROM drive

I thought I figured out how to get around the problem I was having at
boot time with my CD-ROM.  Having a CD in the drive at boot time at
least kept the bus reset errors from holding up the boot, and the boot
sequence properly identified the drive.  I could mount the UNIX
partition from a Cisco documentation CD.  But trying to play an audio
CD crashed the machine.

A recent posting from Petr Lampa implied that installing the most
recent Adaptec driver might clear up the problem.  I attempted to break
out the Adaptec code from FreeBSD-current and compile a new kernel with
it.  Booting without a CD in the drive took a long time again, but the
drive was identified eventually.  Trying to play a CD resulted in
"unspecified" errors but did not crash the system.  However, booting
with a CD and then trying to play it froze the machine as before.  It
didn't reboot itself though, and the log received more useful details
than before.

I'd appreciate any advice from people with functioning NEC drives.
Also, I have output from the messages log if anyone is interested.

Allyn Hardyck


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