Frontpage Virtual Hosts

Frontpage Virtual Hosts

Post by tony » Sat, 09 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I hope someone can shed some light on this problem.  I am running apache-fp
from the ports collection and have my mixed virtual servers set up almost
identical to the configuration on the apache web site.  I have no problem
connecting to the frontpage webs with FrontPage Explorer if I use as web server file location.  Where the problem comes in is
accessing them from their own domain name.  I was getting server busy errors
until I changed file permissions on _vti_pvt.  Now the error I get is that
front page extensions are not installed.

Maybe someone can explain these lines in the httpd.conf

### In Order for FrontPage to work in User and Virtual ###
### Web Directories, they need to be set up as shown:  ###
    <Directory /*/public_html>
  AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit Indexes Options
 Options ExecCGI

Is this the problem, and if it is I don't fully understand it.

I have read the apache how too at and am confused by
another point.  Is this information old?  I understand from the current
information that one does not want apache to rely on DNS lookup and the
example here is using names rather than IP address.


DocumentRoot /var/httpd/virt2
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /var/httpd/virt2/cgi-bin/
ServerName www.virt2.comErrorLog
TransferLog logs/virt2-access.log</VirtualHost>

when the apache documentation looks like this.

DocumentRoot /www/subdomain1
 ServerName www.sub1.domain.tld    ...

I also get error messages in the http log that says there are no virtual
hosts, but there are, and they work fine with the exception of FrontPage

Has anyone had such problems.  Thanks in advance.



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