pppoe: can't connect to a particular service name (provider)

pppoe: can't connect to a particular service name (provider)

Post by plamen » Fri, 03 May 2002 07:05:06

My ISP is running four different pppoe servers, named, say 'One',
'Two', 'Three' and 'Four'. I have an access to only one of them, let
it be 'Two'.  I use

set device PPPoE:rl0:Two

in my /etc/ppp/ppp.conf

(then run ppp interactively, dial .. etc etc)

Sometimes I connect and login successfully, sometimes not. I saw in
the /var/log/ppp.log (debug level) that ppp 'hooks' to 'One' (I look
after ACNAME, because 'One' and 'Two' are on different Access

Actualy, I feel like ppp chooses wich service to give a try in a
random manner. And when it hits MY service name (i.e. 'Two') login is
Ok, of course.

huh.. I hope this make sense and u understand what I mean..

FreeBSD 4.5-STABLE (~25 Apr 2002)

Oh, btw.. Windows98 (on the other HD on the same PC) connects just
fine. No problems at all! RasPPPOE finds the four different AC/Service
Name pairs.

ppp.conf is fairly simple, and doesnt diserve to be quoted here.

please help.