bi-directional parallel communications

bi-directional parallel communications

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When, if ever, is FreeBSD going to get support for bi-directional
parallel comunications?




1. Bi-directional inted communications


  I'm trying to write an inetd perl server which should have
bi-directional communication with a perl client script. The
communication between the client and server is working but between the
server and the client isn't. Does anyone can help me further here. Any
help would be appriciated very much.

Thanks Henk

psad            1200/tcp                   # Process sar AIX daemon

psad  stream  tcp    nowait  root    /tmp/server.prl


open (OUTFILE, ">/tmp/effe1");  # Open output file
select(OUTFILE); $|++;          # Unbuffered output OUTFILE
select(STDOUT); $|++;           # Unbuffered output STDOUT

while (<STDIN>) {
    print OUTFILE $_;           # Write client lines to OUTFILE

print "Output for standard out\n";      # Send lind to client
close (OUTFILE);                        # Close output file


use IO::Socket;

$\="\r\n";                      # Output delimiter
# Setup connection to server , for now on same host

$sock = IO::Socket::INET->new(  PeerAddr    => 'localhost',
                                PeerPort    => 1200,
                                Proto       => 'tcp',
unless ($sock) {die "Socket could not be created, Reason: $!"}
$sock->autoflush(1);                    # prevent buffering $sock

foreach (1..100) {
    print $sock "Line $_";  # Send lines to server

# Hope to receive output from server and store in file

open (OUTFILE, ">/tmp/effe2") || die "can't open outfile $!";
$a = <$sock>;
print OUTFILE $a;

close (OUTFILE);        # Close output file
close ($sock);          # Close connection

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