hdd input/output error

hdd input/output error

Post by Aj » Tue, 06 Oct 1998 04:00:00

My system crashed the ohter day from a power outage etc.. and now I got a
hdd thats really messed up I think.

Here is what I get in my /var/log/messages file when I attempt to mkdir:

    wd1c: hard error reading fsbn 327792 of 327792-3
    27807wd1: status 59<rdy,seekdone,drq,err> error 1<no_dam>

And on the console I get mkdir: Input/OUtput error


I did use bad144 to scan for bad sectors and it did (i think) mark all the
bad clusters. But also to note, I do get a "bad sector table corrupted"

Thanks for any input.


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