standby mode for green screen saver?

standby mode for green screen saver?

Post by Mike Holli » Tue, 23 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Is there a way to make the "green" console screen saver let the
monitor go into 'standby' mode for a while before turning off?  The
DPMS extensions in X handle this just fine.

- Mike


1. Screen savers - standby mode for 'green' monitors?

I have a Gateway 2k machine with an ATI Mach64 card and a Gateway (MAG)
15" monitor that support VESA power management things.  Under Windows,
the driver software can put the monitor in a standby state to reduce power
consumption rather than just blanking the screen.  If you leave the machine
sit for a while longer, it actually shuts off the gun (or so it says in
the book).

Is there any way this kind of screen-saving can be supported under Linux
(with _and_ without X-windows)?  If nobody has done this or thought about
doing it, can anyone give me any clues about how to proceed?  Anyone have
Mach64 programming specs?

Please email to me and I'll post a summary.

Dave P.

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