ATTN: Ray Kohler

ATTN: Ray Kohler

Post by Brandon Gu » Tue, 02 Apr 2002 23:59:23

Please excuse this message, I understand it is way off topic.  Disregard
this and move along, unless your name is Ray Kohler.

   If you are the same Ray Kohler that attended Canon McMillan High
School and has a sister named Krissy, please contact me.  If you are
not, still contact me and tell me to shutup.

~Brandon Guy


1. Sun Ray Server and Sun Ray 150 question

Can anyone help with this question.

I have a Sun Ray server with about a dozen Sun Ray 150's attached.
I'm trying to boot the Sun Rays on the Sun Ray server, but instead of the
default CDE login/session, I want the Sun Rays to open a KDE login session
from A Linux server.

I can use the Chooser button to select another Xserver, but I want it to
default to the Linux servers Xserver for a KDE session.

does anyone know how I might go about this? or anyother methods I might try.
I need to use the Sun Ray 150's though.

Regards to all

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