Booting without boot manager?

Booting without boot manager?

Post by Dave Simo » Thu, 08 Feb 2001 20:26:45

We've tracked down the source of the following rumour to


Quote:>I want to install FreeBSD, but for many reasons, I don't want
>to install a boot loader any of my hard disks.  This is
>largely because I use many different operating systems on the
>same computer, and they all want to install a boot loader.

Several possibilities here, but at the moment the one I would
suggest (if you absolutely insist on keeping your mbr empty) is
installing "Grub" to a floppy disk and taking things from there.
Grub is in the FreeBSD ports/packages. It's not indispensable
for booting FreeBSD, but I'm suggesting it because I reckon that
once you've experienced it on the floppy you'll probably decide
it's not a bad idea putting it on your hard disk as your master
boot manager for all your systems.

Whatever boot system you do use, it needs to look for the file
/boot/loader to start your system with.

I don't have a /stand/sysinstall in front of me, so I'm assuming
you've made sure there's no "make boot floppy" option. If that's
is the case then what you might try doing is replying "yes" to
installing the FreeBSD loader on your hard disk then doing a dd
command to get it onto your floppy, i.e.

dd if=/dev/ad0 of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 count=1

You can then forget about your hard disk mbr and boot with the

(As written, the command assumes you have installed FreeBSD on
the first IDE hard disk and that you have a normal floppy drive
in the first floppy drive slot. If not then see the disk naming
system section in the FreeBSD online handbook.)

Cheers, Dave