Buslogic fails to reset?

Buslogic fails to reset?

Post by Mike Sch » Wed, 24 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Scenario:  FreeBSD 2.1.0 and a Buslogic 946C card, two very different PCI
machines (DEC P133; Acer P100), and different SCSI peripherals (Connor
and a 4mm external drive on one, Micropolis drive (internal only) on the

Whenever -any- SCSI device has a read error, the system will lose it.
Error reported is :  bt0 trying to reset -- repeatedly -- this will result
in the machine either* at that point or going into panic; it does
not tend to come back up without a full power cycle.  This happens, of
course, most often during heavy disk access or tape verifies.

Has anyone had familiarity with this?  I'm at the point now that I am
making backups without verify in order to prevent lockups.


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1. Buslogic SCSI install fails


    I am try to install FreeBSD 2.1.5 (I also failed at 2.1.0 and the 6/12
snap of 2.2).  I have a P24T (83Mhz) upgraded AMI Enterprise IV (Eisa
machine).  I stripped all the cards out except my Buslogic BT747S (Fast SCSI
II, Eisa card, firmware 3.37, the latest) and ATI Mach32 (Also Eisa).   I
have a 2.88Mb 3.5 floppy now in 1.44 compatibility mode, I tried connecting
it to both the motherboard and the SCSI card floppy controlers, and now it's
currently connected to the motherboard.  I have a 2Gb Barracuda (ST12550N I
think the firmware is level 10) internal (termination point) and a Nec 3Xi
and HP 35480 (4mm Dat) (termination point) external.  I have 2 1Gb
partitions, one for FreeBSD and one for Win95, the entire system is working
fine for Win95 and I have previously had Dos, Win NT and NetBSD partitions on
it.  NetBSD was on there for about 2 years I remember having trouble
installing NetBSD also, I think I had to make a custom kernel and take one of
the floppies out of the kernel, to get that to work, something about the
floppy driver grabbing interrupts that the SCSI one should be getting, but I
don't remember about that very much.  OK Enough about the history and the

    When I put the floppy for 2.1.5 (I have used the same floppy to install 2
other machines so I think it should be fine), the system comes up, probe
finds my SCSI card says it's reading the board settings and prints out that
it's at 0x330-x333 dma 5 irq 11 but when I switch the the alternate console,
there is no bt0 driver loaded up, and when in the main console window if I
try to start to install it tells me there is no drive.  I tried doing the
custom boot and take everything else out and the same thing goes on.  I think
booting the normal default kernel probe see the bt and then thinks it's an
adaptec, it talks to the hard drive with the aha dirver and get the model
number and firmware from the seagate, but then fails when trying to do
command with the adaptec driver.  When I have the external cd and tape turned
on I get this from the debugger window.

Debugger ("bt742a") called
bt0: abort operation has timed out
bt0: not taking commands!
Debugger ("bt742a") called
bt0: Try to abort
bt0: not taking commands!
Debugger ("bt742a") called
bt0: Abort operation has timed out
bt0: not taking commands!
Debugger ("bt742a") called
bt0: Try to abort
bt0: not taking commands!
Debugger ("bt742a") called
bt0: Abort operation has timed out

I can't seem to get any further.  I have read through the documentation and
the card SCSI is at 0x330, the only requirement listed.  Probe seems to like
my system enough, it sees everything I have in my system.  Any ideas??


  - Scott

        Scott Knaffla

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