Problems with ATAPI magneto-optical disk

Problems with ATAPI magneto-optical disk

Post by Oleg Golovano » Fri, 15 Sep 2000 12:05:45

Dear Sirs:

Does anybody know how to install ATAPI magneto-optical disk ?
I have FreeBSD 4.1 Release and not found any references in LINT.
FreeBSD finds this device in standard configuration but writes "NO DRIVER".

Look forward to hearing soon.

Oleg Golovanov


1. Fujitsu Dynamo 640AI Magneto-Optical Disk Drive ATAPI interface

I have Fujitsu Dynamo 640AI (ATAPI interface) magneto-optical disk drive
with ATAPI interface.

How do I use this drive in Linux (mount with FAT-file system)?

With best regards,
                   Serhii Hlodin

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