Programming/Porting and -lcrypt -lmd5 -ldes or whatever

Programming/Porting and -lcrypt -lmd5 -ldes or whatever

Post by Kristian Ra » Fri, 23 Mar 2001 17:13:29


First of all : I am not a programmer

However there are no talkers (old style chat system) in ports, so
yesterday i went out and downloaded some sources.

- PlaygroundPlus 1.0.10
- amnuts 2.20
- amnuts 2.21
- moenuts 1.59

Playground Plus wont compile cause :

"siga.sa_mask = 0;"
 angel.c:256: incompatible types in assignment

i've looked around using man -k, and i *THINK* i have found that
sa_mask should be of type sigset_t. So i modify it to be like
"siga.sa_mask = (sigset_t)0;" cause i think this is a cast (type
conversion) this change makes it complain about :

angel.c:256: conversion to non-scalar type requested

At this point i started compiling amnuts and moenuts
They all compile w.out errors. They all derive from the same codebase
(nuts 3.3.x) They'r all compiled w. "cc -lcrypt <srcfile>.c". They all
malfunction in the exact same way... in the talkers internal
userdatabase, some of the first output written to the user AFTER
password authentication is appended to the encrypted password in the
userfiles. So if the talker says "Password :" <blah>, "Verify passwd:"
<blah> and the talker writes "<username> enters the room". Then the
userfile contains the encrypted version of <blah> followed by
"enters"- or "enters the".  Weird.... aint it...

offcourse the net effect is that user authetication is broken..

So i wrote a email to the author of moenuts, who kindly responded that
i may have to link it against md5.... eewww.... how do i know / find
out if i choose md5 or des when i did the original install... ??
doing "cc -lmd5crypt" or "cc -ldescrypt" gives an error.. what is the
name of the libraries ??

ohh.. and..
i have gmake installed
i run FreeBSD 4.0-Release

anyone has a clue ???? I certainly dont, as i am not a programmer,
especially not a c programmer

TIA & regards

Kristian        aka "The eternal newbie"
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