Logitech "Wheel" mouse

Logitech "Wheel" mouse

Post by Gene » Sat, 16 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I read all I could find about using "wheel" mouse with FreeBSD but could
not find definite answer.

So - is somebody out there using "wheel" mouse of any kind. The only
application that I want it to work with is Netscape.

Actually I don't really know if the FreeBSD version of Netscape supports
scrolling using wheel.


P.S. I did take a look at the XFree86 documentation as well but could
not find the answer.


Logitech "Wheel" mouse

Post by Jordan Krushe » Sun, 17 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I just found this today on SlashDot in reviewing some old articles..



>I read all I could find about using "wheel" mouse with FreeBSD but could
>not find definite answer.


1. Is a "wheel" mouse possible in RH 5.2 - Logitech First Mouse +

        Through xconf,  I can set it to get 3 buttons. The middle
wheel will grab a slider bar to navigate a window up and down. But is
it possible to get the wheel working?? In windows is great being able
to navigate a web site or window by rolling the wheel up and down.
        Also, is there any way to get speed of the mouse to work
correctly? Those "Fast, Faster, Ultra Fast" settings just don't cut
it. Is it possible to get the mouse speed to work like it does in


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