Covox on FreeBSD

Covox on FreeBSD

Post by Nikita Tatauro » Thu, 06 Jan 2000 04:00:00


I would like to play music to covox (LPT 1) .
How can I do this? Does FreeBSD supports covox?

Thanks in advance.


Best regards,
  Nikita N.Tataurov


1. Java with HotSpot on FreeBSD (Was: Re: A Call to Action for freebsd-java)

 > > I explained to him further that FreeBSD was going to have some
 > > challenges moving to 1.4 because of the disappearance of 'classic' mode in
 > > 1.4 and that we could really use some direct contact with Sun Engineers to
 > > help with HotSpot.
 > No need to worry any more. The buzz is starting to spread around that
 > HotSpot is working under FreeBSD now. ;)

I seem to recall reading that this will only work with 5.x, and
that there were no plans for making it work 4.x.  Is this (still?)

Is this going to be available in the next patchset?  If so, do you
have any idea when the next patchset will be available?



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