bootmanager bsd 2.2.2 Help Needed..

bootmanager bsd 2.2.2 Help Needed..

Post by patr.. » Wed, 13 May 1998 04:00:00


I have an problem..

i installed bsd 2.2.2 with boot manager..

BUT.. i have also installed NT manager in win95 ,
When i boot, first i het bsd boot manager.. if i select F1 i get in NT
boot manager..

now i add an entry in NT manager so he can boot bsd also for me..
BUT.. when i select in NT manager for BSD .. i come AGAIN in BSD boot
manager.. !!

help.. how can i get the bsd manager out .. so i can use NT manager
only ??  

plse help !!!


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I scanned the group this morning and saw related questions but not
quite what I'm looking for.

Here's my problem:
        I installed a Slackware(2.2) release of linux on my new 540 MB
        hard drive. When I configured the kernal I asked for it to be
        placed in the superblock but it went into the mbr anyway. I
        now nolonger have access to my OS/2 Bootmanager. This is
        a 2 HD system, the first drive contains(or at least is supposed to
        contain), a 1MB Boot Manager Partition, a ~170MB Dos partition, and
        an extended partition with two logical drives which hold my OS/2
        boot partition and an HPFS formatted partition. The second drive
        is going all to linux, 3 partitions, 1 swap, 1 root and 1 usr

        Note that I can boot into linux but that's all I can use. The linux
        fdisk utility let's me see the dos partition and I'm quite sure
        I could add it to Lilo, however it isn't seeing the OS/2 partition
        in the logical drive so I can't boot OS/2.

        Lastly I used OS/2's fdisk to create the partitions for linux and
        as noted linux installed fine.

So finally my question(s): 1) How do I remove lilo from the mbr? Do I have
to reinstall OS/2's bootmanager once I've removed lilo or will it magically
reappear? Once I get OS/2's bootmanager back what do I have to put in
lilo.conf to make lilo active from the superblock?

Alternatively 2) How do I get lilo to see the OS/2 partition on the logical
drive in the extended partition of disk 1, I'm an equal opportunity kind
of guy so I don't mind using lilo to boot everything rather than bootmanager
but unless I can get lilo to see the OS/2 partition this won't work.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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