Built-in FTP (and telnet) daemon setup

Built-in FTP (and telnet) daemon setup

Post by Maik » Wed, 10 Jan 2001 07:09:09


I have always used WarFTP for my FTP daemon services and I am moving slowly
to FreeBSD services.  Does anyone know any sites with documentation on
customizing the FTP daemon services that is built-in with FreeBSD (which
seems to be similar to all built-in U*ix and Linux boxes)?  I would like to
to do stuff like when people log on, they go straight to a particular
directory or maybe give them access to only ONE directory (like the home

I would like to know how to do this for telnet access as well, so if someone
has docs on that too.

Side note: what is the command to find out what access a user has?  In a
Novell Environment (I had experience with this environment back in the
days), if you type whois <name> /all, you would know what access rights a
certain user had on the whole scale of things.  Websites are cool as well.

Still learning.... thanx.


1. Linux Telnet Daemon security setup problem with a Windows client

A funny little question for you all....

I have a little LAN set up at home: a Linux client (Mandrake 7.0), a
Win98 client and a linux box acting as a dial on demand, masquarading
router for the other two (redhat 6.2).

Everything appears to work fine on the ping side but I'm having problems
with telnet connections from the windows box to the router box and
security set via the /etc/hosts.allow file.

A few more details:

The local subnet is - the linux router is, the
linux client is and the windows box is (all
masks are

The linux router has an /etc/hosts file of:             localhost localhost.privatedomain           modemrouter.privatedomain modemrouter          linuxclient.privatedomain linuxclient          win.privatedomain win

It also runs as a caching nameserver.

The /etc/hosts.deny file on the router denies all, the /etc/hosts.allow

in.telnetd:  LOCAL, .privatedomain
in.rshd: LOCAL, .privatedomain

Now. if I telent in from the linux clinet ( then all is
fine. However, if I telnet in from the windows box, it gets connection
refused and the /var/log/secure log contains:

May 21 06:26:28 modemrouter in.telnetd[472]: warning: /etc/hosts.allow,
line 6: can't verify hostname: gethostbyname(win.privatedomain) failed
May 21 06:26:28 modemrouter in.telnetd[472]: refused connect from

Note: line 6 of hosts.allow is the above line for telnetd.

The win box is set up with the static IP of (and can ping
nicely thankyou)
It uses dns, hostmane: win, domain privatedomain, dns server
It has a gateway set as

Any ideas more than welcome....



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