Basic install question - boot slice beyond 1024 from floppy or boot manager

Basic install question - boot slice beyond 1024 from floppy or boot manager

Post by H » Fri, 07 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I am a total newbie to Free BSD and tried the following to install
4.0 release from floppies and ftp using a partition beyond cyl 1024.

I got a new 20 GB HD and installed it in my Win95c system.  I created
a 16 GB FAT32 partition and left 4GB for FreeBSD thinking from what
I read that it would boot above 1024 if you used LBA and a BIOS that
could handle these large drives.

I copied my old 10 GB Win boot drive onto the new, re-installed it as
my new boot drive and then proceeded to install FreeBSD.  I created
the 2 install floppies with the intention of doing an FTP install.  I
booted up the kernel and started the install.  After a couple of tries
getting hardware conflicts resolved, I was able to make it to the main
installation menu.  I created a bootable FreeBSD slice in the 4 GB
space above the intial 16 GB which I must keep as it is.  I selected
the boot manager option for multiple OS's and everything seemed to be
going OK.  I made the PPP connection and got to the ftp server with
no problems and it appeared to be starting the DL and install, but
suddenly gave me an error that the install was complete but with
errors.  When I checked the error, it said you must create a bootable
slice below 1024.

When I re-booted the system, a boot manager loaded and gave me
a choice of Windows or FreeBSD.  Of course there was no bootable
FreeBSD.  I read now that fbsdboot.exe might work if I use a 3.x
version or earlier, or I can just boot from floppy if I have to.  I
need some solution that will allow me to do the install in the first
place without errors and keep my 16 GB FAT 32 partition as is.

I already overwrote the boot sector with the default MBR from
Windows and changed the active partition back to the primary
16 GB DOS partition to return my auto loading Windows config.
back to what it was before.  I do have the FreeBSD slice created
OK as a non DOS partition as far as I can tell.  All I need to do is
create a bootable floppy that will install and then later load FreeBSD
from the current partition past 16 GB.  I never DL'd the FreeBSD
files to that slice as it crapped out on me before I could get them.

I dont care what version I have to use, if I can just get this to work
without breaking up my main Windows boot drive into separate
partitions below 16 GB.

Any help would be appreciated.  




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