Installing Fore PCA 200e ATM-PCI-Adapter on FreeBSD 5.0?

Installing Fore PCA 200e ATM-PCI-Adapter on FreeBSD 5.0?

Post by Frederik Bremstelle » Tue, 04 Jun 2002 07:54:39

Hi Group,

i am trying to install the card mentioned in the subject on my FreeBSD-5.0
System but when i do a "make depend"
"#error "The fore device requires the old pci compatibility shims"

so what can i add to my kernel-config-file to enable these "old pci

Thank you in Advance

Frederik Bremsteller, Hannover, Germany


Installing Fore PCA 200e ATM-PCI-Adapter on FreeBSD 5.0?

Post by Thierry Herbelo » Wed, 05 Jun 2002 05:39:49


The driver for this ATM card is just in the process of being rewritten :
if you feel adventurous, you can cvsup to the latest sources and play
with your hardware



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        In my attempt to "visualize" some capabilities of Linux,
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