Frustrated on install: Need Help!

Frustrated on install: Need Help!

Post by Dave Taylo » Tue, 24 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I need some advice and comments regarding the best way to
install FreeBSD on my particular system.  Ive got the manual but I
thought Id gather the thoughts of what looks like a pretty helpgul
ng. Here goes

Ive got a Pentium 100, 32 mb running Windows 95 and 2 disks
arranged as such

Disk 1
1.2 Seagate partitioned using Partition Magic as follows
Drive C: 509 mb total, 40 mb free.  Contains Windows and quite a
few other things that could be moved
Drive E  125 in total 8 mb free.  Contains our data files
Drive F  509 in total 57 mb free  Most of the application files
Drive G 74 mb Left over when optimising clusters so used as
swap space for Win95

Disk 2
4.3 Maxtor Diamond Max partitioned by EZBIOS into 2 1.9 gb
partitions, Drives D and H both at present empty and 162 mb final
partition which Im using to store some backups of data files.

My initial aim is to get FreeBSD on as soon as I can as its
burning a hole in the shelf at the moment.  Id also like to get the
machine sorted so that it  might be possible to get another OS on
in the future.  I also want one of the 2 gb partitions on the slave will
be used for additional Windows software

Now I know I probably should be using the Maxtor as the master
disk but given the nightmare that swapping disks can be I can live
with the loss of speed. So I would be extremely grateful for advice

How should I change the partition info, if at all?
Do I have to put boot manager?) on the primary partition of the
master disk or can it go on the primary?
Should I be looking at getting all system files regardless of OS on
the same disk?
Should I be considering other things? (The obligatory #how long
is piece of string# question)
Does it have to recognise all hardware befor you can run it?

Please mail with any suggestions


Dave Taylor

IT Training, Assessment and Consultancy
London England


1. Need Help - frustrated!

I've been trying for months to install linux on a new machine with an
Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller with bios version 1.2. I can't compile
my own kernel or work with source code, because I don't have access
to a running linux system. I've used the latest 2940 boot images from
Redhat version 2.1 and slackware. I actually received different
errors reported back by each boot image. The Redhat boot image
reports back Unknown PCI  device, fails to recognize the controller
or any of the devices connected to the controller (SCSI cdrom from
Plextor and a 1gig drive from Quantum). I get a kernel panic from the
slackware boot image, and the bootup sequence hangs. What I'm looking
for is someone who has the configuration below working. If so, I'm
hoping you can attach a boot image I can use to an email or tell me
where I can find one on the net.

I can't install linux until I fdisk my scsi hard drive, which I can't
do until it recognizes my controller and devices. I have tried
everyting including lilo boot parameters etc., nothing has worked for

Hardware Configuration:
 P54CSPIO motherboard - don't know manufacturer
 Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI controller - bought in November
 Diamond PCI video with 2meg DRAM - S3 chipset
 Quantum 1.08 gig
 Plextor SCSI cdrom
 Soundblaster 16

Please copy me in on any replies to the newsgroup.
Thanks Grant

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