Bus error (core dumped) !please help!

Bus error (core dumped) !please help!

Post by Mike Halloc » Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am the admin on a freeBSD server, which I use for web editing and
hosting. In order to get a search engine on my site, I ws going to
install E*'s Web Server or somthing like that. My brother had
downloaded it once before. Unfortunatly, he downloaded the IBM AIX file,
which obviously the computer didn't like. When he tried again, he got
the only one that had BSD in the name: BSDI2.0.

The file uses an install script, 'sh install-Architext'

He tried to install that too, but this time it got a Bus error (core
dumped) error. After which it puts two new files in the directory.
'perl' and 'perl.core'. I have talked to a few people on this, and a few
idea's have come from them.

1. The IBM install replaced a library. Unfortunatly I don't know which
one, which means I need to figure out how to export the verbose mode of
the script to a file to find out.

2. The BSDI2.0 file won't work. This leaves another question: Did the
installation do anything to the computer that was bad?

3. It is a perl problem. Fix: ?

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1. FreeBSD problem: Bus Error (core dumped) !Please Help!

I'm trying to install a piece of software that has serious problems. I
have abandoned the idea, for now though. Here's my problem:

My FreeBSD server is also my web server, so I wanted to install a small
site search. My brother accidently downloaded the IBM version, which may
have done wierd things to it? I'm not sure.

Next he downloaded the supposed BSD version: BSDI2.0, which is obviously
not compatible. This one ends in the error: Bus Error (core dumped).

I know that there is no way to install it, now that I know it was BSDI
and not FreeBSD, but this leaves another queston. Did either
installation attempt mess up any of my system files?

"Light my Fire." - Jim Morrison
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