Help! Gnatbox PPP magicnum problem!

Help! Gnatbox PPP magicnum problem!

Post by Neil Kingsle » Mon, 15 May 2000 04:00:00


I'm trying to set up an old 486/Overdrive machine to run as a firewall
and NAT box using Gnatbox Light. I'm unable to establish contact with my
ISP, and the problem I'm having with MAGICNUM ("magic is the same")
seems to be eloquently discussed in the FAQ at

That's great, except that the Gnatbox seems to be pretty much a closed
system, and I don't think there's an option to change the "set openmode"
value, which is suggested in the FAQ.

FWIW my ISP is also running freebsd, and I'm sure that there must be a
way to get this to work, but I'd sure appreciate any hints!

Thanks in advance