Netscape 3.0 thru SOCKD?

Netscape 3.0 thru SOCKD?

Post by Shawn Care » Mon, 28 Oct 1996 03:00:00


I'm trying to get netscape 3.0 (the BSDI binary) to run through
a SOCKS server.  I set the SOCKS host in netscape, but any attempt
to access a web page results in netscape reporting that the server is
down or unreachable.  When this happens, sockd logs the following
messages (beastie is the 2.1.5 system I'm trying to run netscape on):

Error in socks_GetDst: No such file or directory; from host beastie
read() in socks_GetDst(): No such file or directory

We have several Windows95 machines that are successfully using the
same SOCKS host, and the FreeBSD machine on which netscape fails
is able to ftp, telnet, and sendmail through the SOCKS server.  Has
anyone else encountered this?  Could it be a problem with binary
compatibilty? (the same thing happens when I use the linux a.out
binary of netscape 2.01).  Any help is greatly appreciated.

-Shawn Carey


1. Linux-FT demo (ELF), Netscape (a.out) and sockd (remote)

Hi folks.

Since moving to Linux-FT demo (thanks guys - it vaped my existing Linux installation :-) ), I've not been
able to get Netscape (2.0 release) talking to sockd (running on a separate a.out machine).

I've looked in the system logs and it appears that Netscape doesn't even try to use sockd (there's nothing
at all in the log).  If I telnet across to the sockd port, I get connected and stuff goes in the log, so
Netscape could use it if it tried.

I really don't know where to start looking on this one.  Any ideas?

-- Peter

Machine #1:
        Linux-FT Demo (UK Computer Shopper March 1996)
        encaps from :-)
        Kernel 1.3.56 thru 64, compiled as ELF (gcc 2.7.0) with a.out built in
        a.out libc 4.6.27
        Netscape 2.0 release

Machine #2
        Dec 94 Infomagic (Slackware) plus tons of added bits
        Kernel 1.2.13, compiled as a.out (gcc 2.5.8)
        a.out libc 4.6.27
        sockd 4.2beta

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