TCP parameters

TCP parameters

Post by S.W. Drinkar » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Since I use a modem for net.access, it occured to me that the RW and MTU
as well as a host of other parameters maybe should be optimized for
modem use rather than a network card.  Has anyone played with, or
discovered whether parms should be tweeked?  If so, is that a recompile
task, or can it be done via some other route?




1. Create TCP syn packet with given seq num and few other TCP parameters

Hi All,
Can somebody please tell me how can i create a TCP syn packet  with
given seq number  and few other para meters set  with value provided by
my code ??
This is to be done from my kernel module which inserts its hooks using
I looked at tcp_output.c and few other files but there doesn't seem to
be a very clean interface
which i can directly use from my module .

Can somebody point me the to way in which this should be done without
much efforts ??
I mean somebody must have done similar kind of thing . Is there
something i can use directly ??


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