Boot Problems

Boot Problems

Post by Jochen Knu » Mon, 24 Mar 1997 04:00:00


i have installed FreeBSD on my private Computer and have a problem
with booting.


on an IDE harddisk there is:
-an os/2-bootmanager-partition
-a primary dos-partition with nt4-bootloader (and win95, dos62)
mounted on /mnt/dosc
-an enhanced dos partition mounted on /mnt/dosd

on a scsi harddisk there is:
-a primary ntfs-partition (sd0s1)
-a primary dos partition (fat), with the
FreeBSD-2.2-Release-Distribution (sd0s2)
-the freebsd slice  (sd0s4)
-another ntfs-partition (sd0s3)

I started with the os/2-bootmanager disabled (i use the nt-bootloader
since i stopped using os/2) and installed FreeBSD-2.2.
Then i wanted to include FreeBSD in the nt-bootloader.
(i made a
'dd if=/dev/rsd0a of=/mnt/dosc/bootsect.bsd bs=512 count=1'
and added the following line to the Boot.ini:

When i boot and the nt-bootloader shows up his menu, i select FreeBSD,

but it shows the message "no bootable partition".

Then i activated the os/2 bootmanager and added FreeBSD to its

Now i can boot FreeBSD, but only if i type:
at the Boot: line. Otherwise the kernel loads but tries to mount the
root fs from sd1a.

After looking in the FAQ, the handbook and this newsgroup i found a
hint in "RTFM nextboot", which i did and after figuring out the
problems with the shell meta-characters i tried the following (i use
the bash2):
nextboot -b /dev/rsd0a 1:sd\(0,a\)/kernel

But: no change!

What i want to have:
Booting to the nt-boolader and selecting FreeBSD, NT or old dos/win95.

Any hints?


Jochen Knuth

Jochen Knuth


1. dual-HD, dual-boot problem ... booting Win98 fails on hdb

I put one harddisk in my computer and installed Mandrake7.2.  I then
popped this disk out, popped a new disk in, and installed Windoze 98
on it. I then made this disk the slave (hdb) and put back in my
Mandrake disk as hda, and then booted into Linux (using grub).
Mandrake recognizes my /dev/hdb when I mount it automatically as
/mnt/win98. So, the problem I'm about to describe doesn't seem to be a
problem with the harddisk, slave setting, etc.

I then used DrakConf to change my grub configuration so that it
associated win98 with /dev/hdb1. I then tried rebooting, booting linux
through grub still works fine, but when I choose win98 through grub, I
got the following error:

Booting 'win98'
Error: selected disk does not exist.

I assume that this error is related to the fact that when win98 was
installed on hdb, it was actually hda at the time.  Now it's confused
b/c it's hdb. ??  (said another way: I think the problem is confusion
over the fact that windows was originally installed when that disk was
hda, but now it's hdb.)

I recently read (somewhere on usenet) the following suggestion:

the "map" command under GRUB would trick this second drive (hd1) to
that it owned the first partiition, thereby allowing it to dual boot.

# /boot/grub/menu.lst - generated by Lizard

*** Linux lines cut out to save space

# for booting Windows 98

title  = win98
root  = (hd1,0)
map (hd0) (hd1)
map (hd1) (hd0)
chainloader +1

So, I tried this, but not knowing anything about grub, I
think I used the grub command to install it incorrectly,
because when I tried to reboot, grub failed to work properly
at all, and I had to boot with my boot floppy.

So, how can I solve this? Is the grub map approach the
right direction? If so, how do I do it correctly (e.g.,
what do I need to type on the command line after editing
the menu.lst file?)

If not, is there another way. I had a similar problem a couple
of years ago, and someone suggested that I use a program
(which I don't remember the name of) that allowed me to
go in and (I believe) edit the master boot record on my
windows hard drive to tell it that it was now the hdb
drive. I did that successfully that time. Should I try
that again, and if so, what's the program called that
allows me to edit it?

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