FBSD3.0: problems with quotas ... HELP!

FBSD3.0: problems with quotas ... HELP!

Post by O. Hartman » Fri, 01 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have much trouble with the quotas on an IBM 9GB disk. Whenever I change the
limit of blocks (either hard or soft) (512 bytes per block assumed), saving
changes nothing, starting edquota -g <group> shows confusing numbers I never
typed in. It seems that there is a limit of blocks or an error. I tried both
512 bytes per block and 1024 bytes per block but I never reached the maximum
I can allocate on the disk. What's going on? I need quotas and they worked
finde in 2.2.8. Has anybody an idea what's wrong with me or the quotas?
Thanks in advance


Gruss O. Hartmann


1. Quotas : Format of quota.users & quota.groups ?


I am running Linux-FT with kernel 1.2.13 and quota patches. I would like
to enable quotas in order to control memory usage by apps (I'm trying to
debug an app that keeps grabbing all system memory, preventing me from
typing kill).

In order to enable quotas, files called quota.users and quota.groups
need to be present in the root directory. The 'edquota'
program is supposed to be used to set these up, but it simply invokes vi,
expecting the user to know the file format. The man pages say that
the file format is 'inscrutable', but don't actually describe it anywhere!

Anyone know the correct format ?

Thanks in advance,


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