File Permissions Incorrect?

File Permissions Incorrect?

Post by Dan » Wed, 31 Jul 2002 09:49:46

Hi all,

I'm using FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE.  My "/usr" file system is ufs.  I have tried
and tried to get a user permissions on a second user's home directory.  I
have added the problem user and other users to the proper group in the
"/etc/group" file.  The other users can use files out the the second
person's home directory, the problem user cannot!  I've checked spelling,
changed the order of users in the group,  removed and re-added the user,
even with different "uid"s and "gid"s and nothing.  That might be a little

# /etc/group
. . .
. . .
# end group file

cd /usr/home
ls -l s*
-rwxrwx--- . . . seconduser

gooduser1 and gooduser2 can access "/usr/home/seconduser", problemuser

Any ideas?


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I have a SCO openserver where workstations dial in to
upload files to the server using the rz program.
If the workstation logs in as root then the upload
works fine, if they log in as any other user the
upload program hangs during file transfer.

I have checked the permissions of the destination
directory so that the userid which is used is both
the owner and has the correct group permissions
to read and write to the directory.

Any suggestions ?

Many thanks
Francois v/d Merwe

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