NT loader and FreeBSD

NT loader and FreeBSD

Post by Jay » Fri, 28 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to boot FreeBSD from NT loader. Here is my configuration and
what I did:
IDE disks on primary IDE interface:
wd0s1    --   Windows 98
wd0s2, wd0s3 -- Linux
wd0s4    --   user data

2nd HDD: 1.0G SparQ
only one partition (slice?) wd1s1 -- FreeBSD

Two U-Wide SCSI drives (doesn't matter)

I've installed FreeBSD with MBR on the SparQ drive.
Now I can boot from 2nd HDD by either
(1) changing BIOS setting to boot from D: instead of C: first, and type
"0:wd(1,a)kernel" at the prompt of "boot:".
(2) using a boot floppy, and type "1:wd(1,a)kernel" at "boot:" prompt.
 both seem working fine.

Now I want to add an entry to boot.ini and let NT loader to boot FreeBSD
less luck.
I did this:
dd if=/dev/wd1s1 of=bootsect.bsd bs=512 count=1
and things described in FreeBSD FAQ. I got the following output when I
tried to
boot, "No bootable partition".

I have the following question:
(1) in order to get the bootsector of FreeBSD on wd1s1, did i do the
right thing by
"dd if=/dev/wd1s1 ..." ???
(2) whether NT loader can only load FreeBSD on the 1st IDE disk? (then
I'll live with booting from floppy).

thanks for any hints,



NT loader and FreeBSD

Post by Matthias Hard » Fri, 28 Aug 1998 04:00:00

>I'm trying to boot FreeBSD from NT loader. Here is my configuration and
>what I did:


Quote:>I did this:
>dd if=/dev/wd1s1 of=bootsect.bsd bs=512 count=1

That gives me everytime a "Device busy"  :-((

Just look with archie for "bootpart", a very small nice dos-tool for
adding a BSD/Linux-Partition to the NT-Bootloader!
Works fine!



1. NT and FreeBSD: nt loader problem

 I'm trying to use nt loader to boot both NT and FreeBSD.
I previously posted a message but I was not very clear (someone noticed
and respond, thanks) so I think these are all thing I know.
This is my configuration:
1) Primary master IDE disk: all FreeBSD 3.2 RELEASE.
2) SCSI disk ID0 : boot disk with NT4.
3) Others SCSI disk not bootable.

So I'd like to boot from SCSI and use NT loader.
Actually both 1) and 2) are active because of testing.

I tried the solution reported on the new FAQs (those related also to
version 3.x) using boot0 because of different disks, but for some reason I
don't know nothing goes (NO BOOT PARTITION message appear) and after
rebooting, instead of NT loader I saw FreeBSD boot loader !
Then I tried to use "bootpart" application: when I select FreeBSD entry
from NT loader, NT starts instead of FreeBSD !

My boot.init is the default plus an entry for FreeBSD:
which is the same that bootpart insert in.

Well, does anyone has a similar problem or configuration ?

Private mail appreciated.

thanks in advance


  Lorenzo CONTI


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