native FreeBSD version of JDK status..

native FreeBSD version of JDK status..

Post by Ric » Sun, 07 Apr 2002 01:11:49


Back in December, the following newsflash was put out and I read about
it at

Quote:>Newsflash! The FreeBSD Foundation has secured a license from Sun
>Microsystems to distribute a native FreeBSD version of both the
>Java Development Kit (JDK) >and the Java Runtime Environment
>(JRE). Thanks to the great efforts of the >FreeBSD Java team,
>these should be available for inclusion with the upcoming
>release of FreeBSD 4.5 in January, 2002. See Newsflash page
>for details.

Does anyone know the status of this?  The FreeBSD Java page hasn't
been updated since this announcement.  If it is true, what version of
the JDK is distributed with 4.5?  I dream of the day that I can go to and download a FreeBSD version of the latest JDK.



1. status: native jdk 1.4.0 port


Well... Well... Well...

Port is progressing... Now it's almost possible to build self-hosting j2sdk
and j2re. There's only one building issue left in org.omg.*, so it's just
disabled for now. Also I just silently disabled plug-in build, because have
no any interest in that (at least at this point). Except that jdk is
completely building with self-built java and javac.

I did not even try to make any tests, but slef-building is hard enough
exercise (as for me) to show that we are almost reached first milestone.

My TODO list still very long, but I think additional attention from other
eyes would be helpful.

I expect to clean up patchset and provide it to developers comunity at
the end of this week (or maybe in the begining of next week)

Please make sure that you understand that it's developers' only patchset!
No guarantees, No warranty :-)

with "unsubscribe freebsd-java" in the body of the message

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