3 Qs: sio0 overflows, "unknown class 'root'", identd

3 Qs: sio0 overflows, "unknown class 'root'", identd

Post by Mat » Sat, 13 Sep 1997 04:00:00


I have a few questions about some entries in my /var/log/messages file
that I was hoping some bright spark could illuminate me on. :)

The first query is about a whole bunch of these:

  <date> <host> /kernel: sio0: 1 more silo overflow (total <count>)

At first I suspected it was to so with me driving my modem port at
115,200 because it's a 16450 UART. Am I correct in my impression that a
16450 UART can be run at 115,200, like a 16550 can?

The second query is about my identd with IRC. I have it in my inetd.conf
with the man page recommended syntax:

  ident stream tcp wait root /usr/local/sbin/identd identd -w -t120

and it actually lets me on to identd-only IRC servers. The only this is
/whois's of me still show the damn tilde (~) prefixing my username. I
get challenged by the occasional IRCOp about it (since I have my two
housemates using our network simultaneously).

Is it a problem at my end, or something to do with the fact I'm
connected via a permanent modem connection to my ISP and their identd
(or lack of) is causing problems?

The third query is about a zillion:

  <date> <host> inetd[<pid>]: login_getclass: unknown class 'root'

I'm damned if I can work out what this is all about. I wondered if it
may be something to with the identd problem mentioned above, but it
seems to happen at frequent irregular intervals 24 hours/day. (Again,
I'm not sure if it's identd involvement because we sometimes detach IRC
screens, etc).

Or might the identd problem be due to the fact I have three Windows
machines connected (via 10base2) to my FreeBSD box (which is acting as a
PPP dialup and IP translator). Could it be that 3 users with 3 different
nicks and usernames are showing up as giving the same IP, thereby
confusing the identd (doesn't ident run on IP, not username?).

If someone can wade through that lot of stuff above and give me some
answers, I'd be greatly appreciative of it. Thanks in advance.

Would you mind Ccing any replies to me via email, please? I read this
group but, obviously, am loathe to miss any input regarding these


Matt Bruce

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3 Qs: sio0 overflows, "unknown class 'root'", identd

Post by H. Ecke » Mon, 15 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>   <date> <host> /kernel: sio0: 1 more silo overflow (total <count>)

> At first I suspected it was to so with me driving my modem port at
> 115,200 because it's a 16450 UART. Am I correct in my impression that a
> 16450 UART can be run at 115,200, like a 16550 can?

You can run it at 115.200 baud but apparently the data arrives
faster than the cpu can handle.  Each byte received sends an
interrupt which has to be handled and sometimes that doesn't
occur in time.  If you had a 16550 chip with a 16 byte buffer
the interrupt load would be significantly lower.

Quote:>   <date> <host> inetd[<pid>]: login_getclass: unknown class 'root'

Read errata.txt.  The cure for this problem is to copy a valid
"login.conf" to /etc.  This message occurs everytime root logs
into the machine.

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1. "syslogd: unknown priority "24" " error - won't boot!

I have upgraded from 1.2.13  to 2.0 & was in the process of upgrading the
associated files.  Last nite I upgraded to util-linux-2.5.tar.gz, & when I
rebooted I got a "syslogd:  unknown priority "24"" error and my system hung.
to yes, my intent was to next update these using sysvinit-2.6.2.tar.gz.
The compilation of util-linux-2.5 went OK unitl an error on cal.c for not
having /usr/include/localeinfo.h.  I looked at the Makefile for the section
with cal.c & saw that cal was the only thing which complained about this so I
removed cal from the Makefile in the misc-utils directory.  The make then
worked fine (just using "make").  I then did "make install" & rebooted & got

        Starting daemons: cron lpd
        fcntl_setlk() called by process41(cron) with broken flock() emulation
        /bin/hostname Permission denied
        syslogd:  unknown priority "24" " error

Now the system will not boot!

Is there something obvious that I did wrong?  My (uneducated) guess is that
should have updated the sysvinit-2.6.2 stuff BEFORE rebooting. I had  
previously never upgraded either the linux-utils or the sysvinit stuff
since I did my initial install from the Yggdrasil Fall 94 distr.

The obvious question now is how do I fix this?

How I got there:

http://www.signet.com.sg/~sunsurf & installed the following packages in this
order (I already had gcc 2.7.2):

2.0 kernel compilation

I rebooted & everything worked fine.  I then began updating the other
suggested packages:

procinfo-? (oops, don't remember this vesion)

I rebooted & this is where the show-stopping syslogd error occurred.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!


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